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Function of Our LED Headlights

The primary function of vehicle headlamps is to illuminate the highway in order to ensure enthusiastic and safe driving. The vehicle’s headlights and light source are security-related components. Light sources, colours, and photometric qualities are all controlled, as well as the style and spot of the light and setup aspects of a vehicle.

Our Security Functionalities

  • Protection while halted with Parking Mode   
  • Tackling Crime and Motorists
  • Resolve scenes disputes   
  • Encourages better driving

Our Anti Theft Alarm

Sensors installed in and around the car are used by the anti-theft alarm system. The sensors are activated by an impact or movement within the vehicle. As a result, the anti-theft alarm system is triggered and the alert is sounded. The alarm sounds, alerting the owner/people.

Our anti theft system includes:

Vibration alarm with 7 levels of sensitivity and IP55 waterproofing for outdoor use
Three types of bells make it easy to locate your vehicle using the vehicle search tool.
Remote control with a robust wireless range of up to 66 feet

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